Matrox SVGA card Видеокарта P750LX AGP,64Mb DDR за едновременна работа на два монитора

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Видеокарта Matrox P750LX AGP,64Mb DDR -retail, с вентилатор

Карта тип: AGP 8x, compatible with all compliant AGP 4x and 8x systems (1.5 or 0.8 V)
Графична памет: 64 MB
Форма на картата: ATX
Размер на картата: ATX
Размери на картата: 5.9" x 4.1"
EMC сертификати: Class B ACA, CE, CSA, FCC, VCCI
Bracket connectors: DVI x 2
Maximum resolutions (per display)
* Digital, 1-2 monitors: 1920 x 1200
* Analog, 1 monitor: 2048 x 1536
* Analog, 2 monitors: 1920 x 1440
* Analog, 3 monitors: 1280 x 1024

* Matrox DualHead to use two digital or analog monitors at a time (in "independent" or "stretched" mode)
* Matrox TripleHead to use three analog monitors at a time (in "independent" or "stretched" mode)
* Joined graphics card mode enables an additional Matrox DualHead* or TripleHead** graphics solution to work in tandem in one system to drive up to four displays
* AGP 8x card compatible with all compliant AGP 4x and 8x systems
* 64 MB graphics memory
* Matrox UltraSharp Display Output Technology
* Multi-display 2D/3D OpenGL and Microsoft DirectX acceleration
* Unified Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista XDDM display driver for Matrox P-series and Parhelia series graphics cards
* Matrox-certified display drivers available for leading CAD software
* Easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk driver interface
* Widescreen resolution support and additional functionality via Matrox PowerRes
* Display pivoting (rotation) support
* Matrox Clone to view a copy of one display on another display
* Matrox Multi-Display Zoom to view a portion of one display full-screen on another display
* Matrox PureVideo to view hardware-accelerated video playback in a video window on one display and full-screen on another display
* Matrox Glyph Anti-Aliasing for the hardware-accelerated smoothing of text edges
* Support for customizable unattended installation for rapid multi-system setup
* Global sales and technical support

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